Lets get started

*PLEASE email us or call us at 704-763-7872 before choosing a plan to make sure we understand exactly what you want & need

  • email us  a "mock" layout, even if just the text in an email with the headings you would like to see on your page
  • email us photos for a photo page or gallery
  • photos of items you would like to start a store page
  • any slide show content or gif's you would like
  • contact info for a contact page etc.
  • Confused? That's ok, call us and we will explain and walk you through it. No questions are dumb questions!
  • 704-763-7872

  • We will do the rest, we will set up your home page with basic relevent info, and 4 additional pages with 10 photos on photo page, 5 products on store page (you set the price and provide me with your paypal info.
  • All you have to do is set up your own Paypal account with your credit card or bank account - Its FREE
  • We will be available via email or telephone for 2 hours of  coaching of how to manage your site after we build it.
  • After all this you will have a website on the net that can be viewed 24 hours a day anywhere in the world with no monthly fees. The cost of assembly by Paragon is your only one time cost.
  • email paragon webmaster for details and to get started or call 704.763.7872
  • Introductory price $199.99 for 2 tab site
  • send us all your content and we will fine tune your site online with you and have your site up and running in 72 hours.
  • *note - 24 or 72 hours from the time we receive all client supplied media (photos, bio, descriptions & prices of products)


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