Want to sell on ebay but find it complicated? We can set that up for you as well. If you want to sell online you will need to set up a paypal account. Paypal is easy and it's FREE! After you are set up for your website you are ready to sell on ebay as well. We can set all that up for you. We will walk you through the initial set up and show you how to list and upload photo's for 5 items. If you get a website from us we will do this for $99.99. We will do the same thing even if you don't get one of our websites for only $150.00

Add on ebay set-up

$ 99.99 USD

Add ebay set-up in addition to one of our website plans.


ebay set-up

$ 150.00 USD

walk client through ebay & paypal set-up without a website plan.

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